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January 16, 2005

Okay. Now, how about the rest?

The wheels of justice grind somewhat slowly, but they do grind.

This is good.


While not wishing to second-guess the chain-of-command, I would still like to see the evidence of destroyed careers and disrupted lives extending *UP* from former Specialist Graner.

It *may* be that Graner is the highest-ranking individual involved against whom sufficient evidence can be gathered to proceed with a criminal prosecution.


The chain of command is professionally culpable. I don't care how nice Brigadier General Karpinski may be. I don't care how otherwise competent she and her underlings were.

It was on her watch - and she didn't need help from her superiors to deal with it.

Nor did most of the field grade leadership below her.

There may be other actions in the works, or actions that, being undertaken in the realm of 'personnel actions' are not releasable to the public. But yes, I think there should be a collection of NCO and commissioned scalps somewhere.

Anybody know where they are stored?