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January 15, 2005

Hey - you over there, get with the Program!

Wheelgun has an interesting graph and post to show regarding gun ownership and crime.

The answer, of course, is not sympathetic to banner's needs, so they will no doubt fund some more studies until one does support their theme - then it will become the *only* sufficiently rigorous and therefore definitive study, all others being bogus.

The real reason I decided to link to it - since I expect most of my 2A-fascinated readers have already seen this discussed elsewhere is to point out the trend-line of gun ownership, now having reached around 4.1 or so per 1000 people.

Well, in the increment that includes Castle Argghhh!, the number is more like 6.8 per 1000, and that's assuming I'm carrying the whole load, which means that some a LOT of you are slackers.

Get with the program. Sheesh, people, I can't do it all myself!

Reached via the tech wench at Villainous Company.

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