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January 14, 2005

A new contest.

Okay, for those of you following half the conversation yesterday, Bill the Rotorhead sent me a picture of his young, combat pilot in Vietnam self (when his hair was still dark), taken just after a mission moving SEALs around when his bird attracted attention from the hostiles.

Your mission. Count the bullet holes in the aircraft. On this side, anyway. And Bill says they are all on this side - and in the picture.

Click here to get the picture in it's full-size glory.

No answers in the comments, please. Give the other guys a chance - without possibly misleading them. Email your analyses...

Bill does offer these hints.

Gratuitous hint numbah one: In my outfit, we waxed our aircraft as an anti-corrosion measure, but didn't buff 'em. The wax made small-caliber bullets act like they were Teflon-coated, so if they were fired from within 100m, they'd slip through the aircraft skin without chipping the paint; hence, no large, shiny areas of exposed metal (I think the zinc chromate primer may have helped paint retention, too) around a puncture. The edge of the holes were shiny, but film grain in this pic wasn't fine enough to show anything but the holes, for the most part. Gratuitous hint numbah two: As an example of what you should be looking for, check the lower-right corner of my door frame--entry hole is on the outside, exit is on the inside. Okay--now find the others... This is fun being on the other side of the "Whatsdis?" picture game!

Winner gets a Castle mug, courtesy the Armorer. The winner being randomly picked by Bill from all the correct entries. One entry apiece, please. In the case of female aspirants, I'm sure sexy photos sent to Bill *will* influence the judging process, but please time them so that they arrive after normal work hours, Eastern Standard Time, so that Mrs. Bill can properly enjoy them too!

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