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January 13, 2005

Ho ho ho!


I don't have too many frequent commenters, but one of the most prolific (and appreciated) is CW4BlllT, who, I am reliably informed is a National Guard aviator somewhere on the east coast.

Flying Beanie Boy has got to be a crusty old fart. He's a Vietnam Vet (still serving, I would point out - not too many of those left), so he's like, well, older than dirt (sorry Dad). He's a CW4, which some people think means Chief Warrant Officer, but anyone who's hung around guys like that long enough knows it really means Crusty Whinger 4th Class. Ergo, he's a crusty old fart.

But like all COFs (term derived from something you're asked to do during a physical) he's a soft spot for his soldiers. Through exhaustive research I've discovered that Bill, while putatively still on this side of the pond, made a surprise visit to elements of his unit currently deployed in Iraq. He had to hitch a ride, which required the appropriate flight suit for flying in an open cockpit craft, which is why the odd facemask (warm though). But he did help overcome the load factors of his unplanned bulk by providing some additional lift. But aviators are like that - just wander around the flight line and hop in the jump seat... Nice elf crew chief, too!

I'm sure you can pick Flying Beanie Boy out in the photo below.