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January 16, 2005

Sir, No issues.

As I have mentioned before, in addition to all the other good work that Rotary does (such as being the mainspring in the Polio Eradication campaign), and of course, tsunami relief. Rotary International, our parent organization, does not directly contribute to on-going efforts in Iraq. Rotary is a world-wide organization, with clubs all over - many in nations where people don't necessarily support the US approach. However, unlike trade unions and student activity fees in the US, Rotary International chooses to in effect for clubs to fund actions in Iraq that they do not support with funds from the Rotary Foundation. However, Rotary does not forbid local clubs from acting, and acting as members of Rotary. My local club supports some Civil Affairs activities of the Stryker Brigade units. Specifically, we ship school supplies to the Brigade to distribute to schools in Mosul.

You'd think that would be a simple thing, yes? From our end, it is. We've raised thousands of dollars to pay for shipping (average cost per shipment is $1K in postage) as well as to buy supplies and we also receive much in the way of in-kind donations. All we have to do is wander around the district, make our pitch, cash checks, pack boxes, and go home to a beer.

At the other end, it's a little different.


Thanks so much for the school supplies. I am still trying to send you those pictures. We were on our way to deliver the first batch of school supplies and we got ambushed, were in a two hour firefight. Things have heated up a little but it is not as bad as the media makes it. We are still fighting the good fight and killing the enemy when he decides to fight (we also seek him out occasionally).

We would love to support you on the Christmas thing. Here is my CSM's address and our S1 rep.

{snipped as un-needed}

Hope this helps, let me know when they are inbound so I can keep a heads up, we have had a mail lag! Thanks again for your support and your prayers, continue to pray that God will grant us the strength to slay our enemies!

See y'all on the high ground!

CPT Matt Y

3-211IN BN FSO

But they still soldier on. And continue to do so, handing off from one soldier to another, to keep the project going.

Sir, No issues, I have already made the coordination. It looks like I will be sticking with this unit a little longer, so there is a chance I might be here when they get here anyway. I am sure you know how things change around here. If I am gone by the time they get here then CSM W and CPT H know what to do. Thank you very much for the supplies. We are winning hearts and minds and killing the enemy. Good stuff. Take care.


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