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January 10, 2005

How sad is it...

...when a nation that stormed ashore on Juno Beach must now rent airplanes to deploy it's emergency Disaster Assistance Response Team (DART) to assist in a disaster?

By definition, now being a third tier player, in terms of ability to respond in terms of speed and capability?

This, from a national government that champions "Soft Power" as the wave of the future? I understand multilaterlism, fellas - but this is like the local paramedics having to call for a Taxi. It does not inspire confidence.

Mind you - I'm sure the DART team will do just fine when it arrives, and they will truly be all they can be - and I mean that without sarcasm.

But guys, a Keystone Kops governmental approach to things militant just saps the morale of the people who give so much to be there when needed.

And before someone snarks about the CRAF (Civil Reserve Air Fleet) and the fact that the US charters jets to move it's people around - we can deploy a brigade on two hours notice - even now - with our own assets. Let's not mix apples and oranges.

One hopes that bloggers like the Ghost of a Flea and Babbling Brooks can shame the Government of Canada into putting it's money where it's periodically arrogant and pedantic mouth is. Give your warriors the tools to do their jobs.