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January 08, 2005

Coupla things...

Want a free gun? Gunner has some suggestions.

Gunner also notes that the Brady Campaign wants to immediately ban all semi-auto firearms. Except the Ruger Mini-14.

Beth is just envious. I got the better end of the deal. Ask any woman standing in line at a public restroom, which they'd rather have. Of course, as Bill the Rotorhead observes... some women thought God said trains, and they missed theirs, and got these instead.

The military usually goes to great lengths when naming things and developing acronyms to avoid obvious goofs. We still got Operation Allied Force for Kosovo, however. Ever notice how the military in particular, but even the press never referred to it as OAF? Think that would be the case with OIF and OEF - acronyms you see all the time in military documents and even in the press?

Anyway - sometimes you just can't avoid it - those funny combinations. Click the picture below to see some engagement/wedding announcements that I'm sure the involved parties did not have a long discussion about whether or not they were going to hyphenate their name... Click the pictures in the album to see them in a readable size.

Hat tip - Rich B!

Here's a sailor who's career just ended, most likely. But at least it probably wasn't a complete act of dumbass like the good Colonel below.

Hat tip - Rich B!