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January 07, 2005

You guys are too smart for me.

Bill the Rotorhead ferreted out the truth. In his comment to the "Chia Tank" post he opined:

ALCON--Now that we've posilutely ID'd it as an M48A2, John's first post at dawn will reveal that it's actually an M60A3 hull that's been PhotoShopped three degrees laterally with an Aussie immersion heater from Gallipoli cut'n'pasted on a T-64 turret... =]

He got it right except it was a US Army immersion heater from Bastogne and this is my second post.

So, to do that, I started with this shot:

The I grabbed this and this.

Then I threw the elements onto a clean canvas, doing some stamps and blending of grass from the backyard to get the 'chia' part.

Slapped 'em together....

Adjusted some more...

And the rest is just little details. Some smoothing, some blending, adding some Koreans using Illustrator, cutting and pasting some roadwheels return rollers. modifying the fenders, and a pixel by pixel rework of the background of the original pic.

Then, Voila'! You have this.

See how easy that is? The hardest part was paying for Adobe Creative Suite!