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January 05, 2005

Welcome to the Ice Storm.

Feather-merchants that we are who work at Fort Leavenworth - the impending (now all around) ice storm closed the Fort at noon yesterday, to reopen at noon today - and it's now closed all day because of the ice, and ain't nothing we're doing there worth dying for or denting the empennage of the transport.

It was the Castle's turn to lose power. We've dodged that bullet in all the previous winter/wind storms, but our number was up. Working from home is tough, too, when the power is out - and when it comes on, the cable is still down (broadband access at the Castle) and you don't remember the number for the alternate dial up... obviously, we're back now, it only took about 3 hours - much better than the tens of thousands in Kansas City still without.

Anyway, while SWWBO and I were waiting for the power to come back and the sun to come up, we played Scrabble in the kitchen - by the light of the Brit Airfield Lantern in the Castle's collection - which also provided some heat as our temps went (and are still going, outside) south. Who said militaria can't be useful? Think what I coulda done with a flamethrower!

Yeah, yeah - SWWBO won. She always does at Scrabble because we don't play with a time limit on turns, so she sees the tricksy ones. If we played speed-Scrabble I might have a chance!