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January 04, 2005

Coupla things of note.

First, Powerline notes that Pablo Paredes, that darling of the left who 'missed movement' also missed a chance to do something he avers he wants to do - Support Life.

e-Claire is a touch grumpy with the world. She's also in new digs.

Blackwater has an interesting article up of a draft study by Anthony Cordesman of the Center for Strategic and International Studies regarding the Iraqi Insurgency. There are some hard slaps at the Administration here, some undoubtedly deserved, though Cordesman I think willfully ignores the problem of being too candid when dealing with a hostile press.

What I found most interesting about Cordesman's analysis is that his description fits (not perfectly, but with many seeming congruences) the situation in Weimar Germany... which simply means that mebbe we need to pay attention to both history and the future, like Tom Friedman and General Abizaid suggest in the post from yesterday (third post down). Lest the evil rise again.

The study is available here. Bear in mind, it's in draft, and seeking comment, so some conclusions may not stand up under review. Hat tip to Dave M. for the link.