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January 03, 2005

Serving a Nation At War.

The Year In Photos 2004.

While the Navy serves nations in need. (and I mean that in a good way - I'm just being frugal with posts)

In case you wondered what could ever cause a military career to be worth the costs... watch this. It was worth it to me. There just aren't too many jobs (Fireman, Cop, Paramedic, Smoke Jumper, hell, all the First Responders) that generate memories like this. Though I would guess rafting guides and folks like that would come up with 'em. Maybe high steel construction work, and oil rigs and such? Anything where there is life and death trust in the group, I suppose.

I like my current job - but it ain't generating these kinds of memories.

Update: from the comment below, from an email apparently not received. We're always interested in giving credit where credit is due. "Guys, Don't know your level of interest here; full disclosure, other bloggers, mil & civvy, haven't had any. Like an idiot tho', I'll keep on. This video, and a number of others, were produced/created by

They have allowed a number of websites to offer the videos, all in
keeping their bandwidth down I'd imagine. Check out the website, as I
said, there are a number of other equally moving video presentations,
including the latest on those who served in Korea.
They're also requesting photos to enable them to produce more videos.
Anyway, would seem to be good people going pretty much unrecognized
except by their end product, for which they're not receiving any credit.
Mike D."

Thanks for the info, Mike.

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