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January 01, 2005

1st post of a new year

I think I'll go for nostalgia, irony and machineguns.


Nostalgia first. Let this be the year we drive a bayonet through the heart of Islamofacism.

Irony second.

Machineguns, third. This is a present for all y'all, considering the bandwidth cost!

The present is not the guy above, he's an Iraqi Security Force guy trying to secure rights for his people - though he's gonna have feed problems with his belt like that. I just liked the pic.

No the present is this: A 13 meg movie. A movie of people enjoying the Second Amendment... Right click and save - don't even try to stream it - it'll be choppy and it's better played from your hard drive.

And, what the heck, a little trivia, too. Notable events for January 1st.


1735 Paul Revere, patriot, silversmith, gunfounder
1739 Edmund Burke, Whig politician, author ("Reflections on the
1909 Barry Goldwater, bomber pilot, senator
1912 Kim Philby, Soviet spy


1950 Secret Service agent Leslie Coffelt, killed defending Pres Truman
1961 Dashiell Hammett, war veteran, novelist ("The Maltese Falcon")
1969 Ian Fleming, secret agent, author ("James Bond")


1586 - Sir Francis Drake launches a surprise attack on the heavily fortified city of Santo Domingo in Hipanola.
1660 Samuel Pepys begins writing his famous diary - good reading if ya like that kinda stuff like I do.
1801 United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland formed - huh. I thought the UK moniker was older than that.
1846 Yucatan declares independence from Mexico - that didn't last long, did it?
1861 Emancipation Proclamation goes into effect - who says war never solved anything?
1892 Annie Moore becomes the first immigrant to arrive at Ellis Island
1915 - The German submarine U-24 sinks the British battleship Formidable off the coast of Plymouth Massachusetts.
1920 League of Nations convenes for the first time - an organization even less successful than the United Nations.
1923 USSR formed - Bummer.
1944 Oran, Algeria: Army defeats Navy 10-7 in football "Arab Bowl" - would we could do that with a little more regularity... Beat Navy that is.
1946 Emperor Hirohito of Japan announces he is not a god - tell me again about war never solves anything?
1950 Puerto Rican terrorists attempt to kill Pres. Truman - they got Agent Coffelt, above.
1951 Massive Chinese/North Korean assault on UN-lines - beginning of a bad coupla days for Dad.
1959 Castro enters Havana as Fulgencio Batista flees - and he's still there, sadly.
1962 Navy SEAL teams established - Happy Birthday, fellas.