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December 29, 2004

Jan Egleund is a Complete Buffoon

How to respond to the Norwegian UN talking head? Ignore the bastard and give through organizations that actually put the money to good use.

"Buffoon" and "UN bureaucrat" is, in some circles, a redundancy, I know. Of course, it's unfair to generalize...but like the fifth-column MSM and the United Nations as a whole, it's getting harder and harder not to.

Lemme think, I need money from somebody...hmmm...first, I'll start with a petty insult...


In any event, I have to hand it to the American people...we have already kicked the French government's ass, donation-wise, without even getting out of our pajamas.

Not to be outdone, of course, corporate America is starting to stir. My own company has already sent a world-wide message out saying they'll match anything we worker bees will donate, up to $10,000. Ten...Thousand...Dollars. And this is not a big firm (as in GM, Microsoft, etc., big). Plus, because it's a private firm, this matching money in essence comes out of the Partners' pockets, filthy corporate running dogs that they are! Right.

Because the events in the Indian Ocean are so horrific, I think the ball is pretty much rolling and the buck$ pouring in will only accelerate...petty insults and pugnaciously stupid WaPo editorials notwithstanding. Sooooo...

Here's something else to consider if you still have some money burning a hole in your pocket. This is really cool, in that it's a process that leverages a little money for a lot of stuff for the guys and gals that deserve it. It's simple, it's easy, it's not that expensive (and tax-deductable!)...and it gives them what they want and need while doing God's work (hear that ACLU? GOD! GOD! GOD! GOD! GOD!. heh) without you having to figure it out. What a concept.

A doff of the chapeau to:
Matt Drudge
Hugh Hewitt
Claudia Rosette
Glenn Reynolds, and
Tim Blair