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December 24, 2004

All I want for Christmas...

The Armorer would really like one of these for Christmas.

Or, a nice Dalhgren Boat Howitzer:

He'd even settle for one of these Coehorn mortars!

The last would look good on the porch of Castle Argghhh!, the others would add a nice cachet to the courtyard of the bailey.

However, you guys are gonna hafta hit the non-existent tip jar pretty hard before SWWBO's gonna allow it! Or truly overwhelm the Arsenal Store. Heh. The only customer of the Arsenal Store has been the Armorer! Good thing Cafe Press doesn't charge rent - and that I am not the kind of guy marketers rely on...

Of course, that's not really true. I'd settle for a Dominion of Canada-marked Snider and Martini too.

Or a Ferguson rifle. Even a new-made repro. Ah well. Mebbe when the Castle nest empties out and the fledgling is paying taxes!