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December 22, 2004

Oh, by the way...

Anybody notice that the Attorney General of the United States issued an official opinion dated August 24th, but not released until recently (probably to keep it out of the presidential campaign) that states:

The Second Amendment secures a right of individuals generally, not a right of States or a right restricted to persons serving in militias.

Really. They came out and said it.

Of course, a new Administration could come out and 'unsay' it - but it still carries weight I would think. Any lawyers out there?

Newmax covered it - did anybody else? I musta been asleep at the switch. There's a spate of articles in the NYT regarding the position - but all predate publication of the official document.

Heh. Be interesting to see how it gets applied.

I'm sure that Publicola, Alphecca, Say Uncle, SmallestMinority and others will keep an eye on the subject.

Is it important? Yep. Very important. I take some of the same risks here. One reason I started this blog was to point out that moderately normal, law abiding citizens might well have acquired an "Arsenal". For no ill intent or reason. And that it shouldn't matter.

And apropos of all that - here's some good advice.

And, since I'm talking about why I went public, and the Arsenal, and the fact that I like the old stuff... here's an NYT article about Cops who think like I do... Gimme some of that old time religion! Hat tip to CAPT H for passing that along.