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December 22, 2004

On service, and honoring the oath.

Long time readers will recall I once talked about the fact that a Regular is subject to recall for life, in technical terms. During the reactivation of the Iowa-class battleships, the Navy recalled 60-70+ year old sailors who had been turret captains, because they were the only ones who truly knew how to service the guns - including all the important stuff that the crews knew but never made it into the manuals. Such recalls late in life have always been voluntary.

Well, this guy is not a sailor, he's a soldier - but unlike Pablo Paredes, Colonel John Caulfield is true to his word, as sworn in the oath.

I should also note, under the regs, while he will be getting regular full-Colonel pay while serving, when he re-retires, he will retire at the same pay (with any longevity adjustment) as he received upon his initial retirement. That strikes me as an injustice, but it *is* the regulation.

Hat tip to Ghost of a Flea for pointing it out to me!