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December 19, 2004

Update on Dusty's post below.

Here's some more backstory regarding the woman who murdered to get herself a baby.

The comment stream for Dusty's post is interesting to say the least. I'll leave that to grow on it's own.

I just wonder how this case might affect the issue of late-term abortions. I'm not a fan of late term abortion, though I am not totally convinced that I would support a total ban on abortion, either. I admit to being a bit of a squish. I can support a 'health of the mother, rape, incest' condition easily, and I admit that as I have aged, I have slid to the 'right' on the issue.

But I have never been a supporter of third-trimester abortions. And this case is a perfect example of why not - not the murder, obviously, but because this baby was ripped from her mother's womb... and survived, easily.

But the abortion-at-any-cost types would essentially argue this was a disposable mass of tissue with no inherent right to life other than what the mother allowed.

I just can't get there from here.