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December 15, 2004

Spirit of America

This is kewl. (It's still cool - but Dusty just blogged it one post up and better, too)

This is important. Mickey at Intellectual Intercourse makes the final plea for the Spirit of America Blogchallenge, laying out why, if you're gonna get beat, you want Americans doing the beating.

The Armorer will also donate custom-made mugs with Arsenal graphics of choice to the first 10 individuals who provide a receipt, dated today, for a $100 or better donation to Spirit of America, credited to the Castle Argghhh! Fighting Fusileers for Freedom! Send the receipt to: johnbethd (at)

Thanks to those of you who have already given!

How can you resist the charms of Sam, hottie from Day by Day?

How can you support the Northern Alliance of Bloggers - who do things like this?

So, join with us now - and find some of that extra pocket-change! As CAPT H, my fellow-traveler in the Canadian Forces said (paraphrased, I deleted the email) when he donated $250 on the first day:

"I gave enough so that I would notice it, if not so much that I was pinched - and I challenge all your readers to do the same."

Remember, Ladies and Gents - that is from a Canadian soldier - who officially doesn't have a dog in this fight. Can we do less?

$6110 raised so far (that's donations in the bank folks, not promises) I'd like to get to $9000 if it's possible!