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December 14, 2004

Spirit of America!

Dean Esmay on the Spirit of America...

Thanks to all who have donated thus far (such as recent donees Nate and Jim) and those who I'm sure will donate today and tomorrow...!

BTW - I may have stepped on some toes inadvertently, like someone going down the row of seats at a movie theater...

My blogroll for SoA and such consists of people who have formally 'enlisted' in the Fusileers, and show up as such on the Fighting Fusileer page at Spirit of America... including non-bloggers. For the record:

1. SoA does NOT tell me about individual donations. The only people I know anything about either told me, or forwarded me an email with their donation receipt. That's policy, so people can give quasi-anonymously. I don't get a list of donors, etc.

2. SoA doesn't even tell me if people 'joined' the Fusileers, I have to go to the webpage and check.

So, please, don't feel slighted if you haven't been mentioned by name... it just means I don't know - not that I don't care!

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