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December 11, 2004

Link Fest!

I haven't done one of these in a long time. Life has a way of intruding...

Caltechgirl, at Not Exactly Rocket Science, talks a bit about giving, in a Star Wars kinda way...

The King of Fools links to some BBC footage of the Marines fighting in Fallujah - and finds something surprising.

Madfish Willie on following directions.

The Commissar has suggestions on gifts for the troops, and a warning.

Jack at Random Fate admits to being a tad selfish.

The Carnival of the Recipes #17 is up at Marybeth's!

LaShawn Barber finds a secret to getting traffic, links, and comments from Liberals! The Castle will *not* be adopting this tactic. While we don't mind more traffic and links, the Armorer, at least, isn't looking for flame wars in the comments. At least not until he decides to go fully commercial... (don't hold your breath).

Cassandra goes after the press.

Greyhawk weighs in on the Armor for Vehicles/People and other issues.

The Airborne Combat Engineer jumps in the fray regarding Humvees and other vehicles.

Over at Backcountry Conservative, Jeff posts a little dig at Michael Moore. SGT Hook and Dean Esmay 'get some' too. The denizens of the Castle wish to add their (not inconsiderable) weight to this effort, too.

Cowboy Blob continues the assault on the Northern Alliance.

Dave, at LeftCoastConservative asks a question.

Jennifer Martinez offers some holiday eating tips - and remembers the defenders of Guam.

Emperor Darth Misha I, an early friend of the Castle, writes a letter to the warriors.

e-Claire turns her gimlet eye on Europe.

Pam is always welcome at the Castle. Arthur can sleep out back, in the doghouse (No worries, Arthur - it's carpeted and has a TV because I spend so much time in it!)

That's it for now. Life intrudes.

Comments on Link Fest!
Stan briefed on December 11, 2004 10:32 PM

"Link Fest" I thought you said "Lutefisk" it being so close to Christmas.

love your blog but need more soviet stuff,


JarheadDad briefed on December 12, 2004 12:45 AM

Man! you were roaming all over the place! I usually do that with about a half a pot of coffee early on Sunday morning before the house wakes up. Nice and quiet! And beats the heck out of reading all the crap in the papers these days. ;-)