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December 02, 2004

Iraq Index.

Sgt. Rick Abner, a tactical psychological team chief with the 350th Psyop Co., attached to TF 1-27 Inf., hands out coloring books to Hawija children during a slow part of Operation Wolfhound Power on Nov. 14. (Sgt. Sean Kimmons)

If you are of the analytic bent, and like to see lots of numbers, charts, tables, and just general geeky data - have I got a present for you.

The Brookings Institution Iraq Index.

Some grim numbers, pretty much consistent with typical phasing for this kind of conflict - but the polling data in the back (not completely through it myself) shows some surprising (to me, who's had his head down in the tactical weeds for a while) optimism on the part of Iraqis.

It's all open source data, collected by Brookings. Perhaps more important - the website for your bookmarks, if this isn't something you guys already have.

If that whets your appetite - it's on the web, updated regularly.

It's interesting reading.