December 01, 2004

Why are we winning in Iraq?

And make no mistake - on the military front, we're winning. The political front, well, that's still a struggle, as it always is.

Anyway. We're winning because American soldiers are virtually invincible. Well, that and they play poker.

Why are we invincible? Because we brush our teeth. Click the pictures to bring up clear versions in your browser. Sorry if it's slow, the Fallujah War Crimes folder is still getting a lot of hits and that can slow things down.

Needless to say - this isn't going to help Kim du Toit get over his dislike of the 9mm Euro-pellet.

As Steve, a commenter over at Kim du Toit's (who has linked this) puts it:

In all fairness, Junyo, look at it from the terrorist punk's perspective. You're in the middle of a firefight with an army that has spent the whole year slaughtering your comrades like cattle and with body armor that seems almost impervious to your 9mm and 7.62 rounds. You're trapped, and your defenses are rapidly failing. All of a sudden, you realize they're sneaking around the back, too. You take up a position and surprise the first one you see. You get off a great shot, point blank at his face, but he blinks and _keeps coming_. Terrorist scumboy probably p***ed himself in shock before he surrendered.

Hat tip to John C. for the story.

Comments on Why are we winning in Iraq?
Roger Ritter briefed on December 1, 2004 11:54 AM

So now we've got proof - our guys eat bullets for breakfast!

Ciggy briefed on December 2, 2004 08:49 PM

Why are we NOT using microwave "area denial" weapons on the mosques, and cook any of the bastards in their own putrid juices where they sit and hide like cowards in what they think are "safe zones" for them?

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