December 01, 2004

It's H-Hour, D-Day of the Spirit of America Blog Challenge

It's H-Hour, D-Day, of the 15 day operation to raise money for Spirit of America.

It's a 15 day assault on your guilty feelings about having so much when others elsewhere live in a war zone.

Like Max the Maxim says, all we ask is that after you take care of family and friends this holiday season, you consider some charitable giving.

And we members of the Castle Argghhh! Fighting Fusileers for Freedom suggest Spirit of America. I'm suggesting give up a six-pack a week for the holidays.

CAPT H, my Canadian Tanker Nemesis is apparently quite a drinker... he just donated $250. US. Thanks, John!

Our running totals (and relative position) can be found here. Frankly, the Northern Alliance has a pretty stiff lead - but we can take 'em.

Or even a beer/latte/soda a week. Just something. All donations are tax-deductible, so if you're needing a little help to push you down a tax bracket - Spirit of America can get you there!

What kind of stuff does Spirit of America do?

Many and varied, like Sewing Machines for Iraqi women.

The whole laundry list of on-going efforts is right here. These are busy guys and gals!

The Fusileer's funds are going into the general fund, not to a specific project - but if you want your money to go to a specific project, send me the receipt number and I'll get SoA to earmark the money.

In case you are concerned that this operation is run like certain charities were under William Aramony, rest assured that is not the case. Spirit of America spends under 6% of every dollar received on administrative costs. This is a volunteer operation. The link above is to their financials - check 'em out yourself!

So, like Gandalf sez:

You don't want to cost the cat his treats, do you? I didn't think so - so click the donate button below and give a little... and help a lot.

Just as these fine folks have:

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Comments on It's H-Hour, D-Day of the Spirit of America Blog Challenge
AFSister briefed on December 1, 2004 09:18 AM

Question, oh great leader of the Fighting Fusileers:
I made a donation last week when I joined the team- before the Dec. 1 official drive date. Will it still count toward our team total?

SMASH briefed on December 2, 2004 06:27 PM


You weren't really planning to do this without me, were you?

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