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November 29, 2004

Obligatory Swipe O' the Day...

No day would be complete without at least one frog gigging session (those of you who grew up in the South know what I mean)...

From one of the more well-known Iraqi bloggers, we have this on life in Baghdad:

It seems that the French are not afraid of the terrorists. Were they excluded from the terrorists' targets list for some reason? Is there a peace truce between them? Did we miss something here? Because the French are moving freely and saying for the terrorists:

"Hey, it's us, so don't mistake us for your enemies, the other foreigners! And we are not just ordinary French. We are the French government! And we are certainly not doing something good for Iraq, so relax!"

This may explain why no one is anymore worried about the two French journalists; they're in friendly hands!

Good point. Heh.

(HT: Iraq the Model)

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P.P.S. John: Can I say that?

P.P.P.S - Not only can you say that - but I add this - from Iowahawk. The Armorer