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November 25, 2004

Happy Thanksgiving!

The dining facility at Camp Arifjan, which lays claim to being the largest dining facility in the Army, is prepared to serve Thanksgiving dinners to several thousand troops.

Dusty, in an email, asked me what I was thankful for - he then told me what he was thankful for this Thanksgiving Day...

What have you to be thankful for this Thanksgiving?

As for me...

1) My wife for doing all she does.
2) My daughter for doing all she does (oi).
3) My Dad, for showing us all how to live...and how to die.
4) The American fighting man...God bless them all.



1. God's green earth, and the privilege of living on it.
2. Beth, Andy, August, and the Critters.
3. The extended family, Mom, Dad, Kathy, Ed, Tim, Patrick, Erin, Elaine, Sandra, John, Charlotte, Dennis, Jack, Bobby, Jane, Sylvia, David, Nick, Dan, Will, Sarah Kate, Annie, and all the others who preceded them and who will follow.
4. The Friends: Kevin, Kimchee, Preston, Nancy, Mike, Mark, Tom, Bob, Bruce, Brian, Pam, Robin, Dusty, Rick, Steve and MJ.
5. The blogbuddies. CAPT H, Bill the Rotorhead, Chris, Matty, Alan, Damian, Nick, Ryan, Pam, Theresa, Gunner, Misha, Rusty, Stephen, Dean, Rosemary, Tregonsee, and, well, anyone who has the interest and takes the time to comment, I just can't list y'all!
6. The Regular Readers - even if you don't comment (and that's hundreds of ya).

But after family and friends - I'm thankful that my son's generation has stepped up to the plate - in greater numbers and with greater pain than mine was called upon to do, and with the Coalition Forces in Iraq and Afghanistan are hitting home run after home run, and will be adding a little spine to both sides of the body politic when they come home... and will, over time, have the impact upon the US that the Greatest Generation did. Now if we can just get their kids to not be like the Boomers! In other words (and using more of them, as is my wont), what Dusty said.

Today we're going to the Barry Road Outback restaurant in Kansas City, where we've spent enough time and money (and built some genuine friendships, not just 'tipships') that the owner invites us to his employee Thanksgiving party. Fried, smoked, and baked turkey with all the trimmings, 5 TVs with football, an open bar, with lots of pretty girls (there may be some guys, but I don't notice that) and good friends all. I'll be living the trooper's dream - the family (Beth, Andy, August), friends, football, turkey, and free booze. Ye-haaaw!

Here's wishing you the best this holiday - and hoping that no one gets hurt today in Iraq or Afghanistan - or in training to go there.

Whattaya you have to be thankful for?



This one's for Dusty, having commanded guys like these:

Staff Sgt. Michael Huffman, a Tactical Air Control Airman from the 2nd Air Support Operations Squadron, attached to the 4th Cavalry Regiment, 1st Infantry Division, wades across the Tigris River outside of Ad Dwr, Iraq, on a bomb damage assessment mission. This photo appeared on

If ya need some more Military-themed Thanksgiving reading, try Jim Robbins at National Review Online.

Airborne Combat Engineer.



The Commissar.

Don Sensing


It ain't a Thanksgiving post, but it's funny nonetheless. Mike the Marine.

Citizen Smash.

There are many others, but I'm not going to spend the day blogging, or searching blogs. I've got SWWBO periodically giving me the hariy eyeball, the boys are home from school, the Outback looms, and I have Half-Life II.

Life is good. If you've got recommended reading, link to this post, or drop 'em in the comments - along with whatever you're thankful for!

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