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November 15, 2004

Sometimes, life is rough as an embed...

Some armies being tougher than others... this is from an email going around. From what I've been able to verify, it's true.


There is a legitimate, credentialed, Iraqi Reporter named Fathi Ghanim Al Iraqia attached with 4th BN, 1st Bde of the Iraqi forces (with 6th Plt?).

Earlier today he took some pictures of 4th BN Iraqi wounded. The Iraqi soldiers he was with took exception to him doing this. He says he deleted the photos from his camera, but the Iraqi soldiers were still incensed and locked him in a closet somewhere in their zone.

He is calling the MEF PAO on his cell phone from the closet.

We need to get him released.

Please get a hold of the LNO there and work the issue. Let us know your progress and when you find him.

Semper Fidelis,

[name withheld]