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November 14, 2004

What an Army! (Marine Corps, too.)

A Marine Sniper waits, patiently, in Fallujah. Day or night, it's not safe to stick your insurgent head up in that town.

Now here is something cool. Raw video of combat in Fallujah. These are my brothers-from-another-mother in TF 2/2 Infantry of the 1st Infantry Division.

Drudge links to this, and it still works, so I assume the gentleman's server can handle it. If not, I've saved it off, and if I can find a way to contact the siteowner, I'll see if he won't mind me hosting it.

Do the host a favor - right click and save as, rather than stream it. You'll see it better, too, depending on your connection speed.

Why am I bringing this up? Coupla reasons. You don't see any of the troops just holding their weapons above their heads and spraying (as in the famous video clip from Saigon during Tet) - they are up and aiming. Well trained, well led, well motivated. Everything Michael Moore says they aren't. A$$hat.

You don't see artillery and mortars pounding the city.

Or bombs.

You do see a missle. Guided. Precision.

The troops on the roofs are covering the armor on the roads. The armor isn't just shooting at everything and blowing it up.

You see how hard it is to find your targets. With a Mark 1 calibrated eyeball, anyway.

And you don't see the city on fire, or in ruins.

In other words, it doesn't look like this.

And ya hear a little 'battle talk.' Heheheheheh.

And that is a testament to the American warriors and their Iraqi allies who are taking have taken the city.

Regardless of what the Prince of Darkness says - who has certainly sold his soul, if, I have to admit, his comments aren't entirely out of line - just taking the city isn't enough. Let's see what they have in store. The POD isn't optimistic (but he might be looking for a summer home in Canada, too).

I am. I'll put my trust in General Sattler and Prime Minister Allawi. And the Shia Iraqis and Kurds, if given a chance. I've worked for the POD, and found him lacking.

Update: I've been gently rebuked in the comments by a Vietnam Vet. Deserved, too, I might add, though my reference to the Vietnam photo wasn't intended to be quite the slight some of you might take it - it was still poorly worded. So, I'll move Bill's comment up top, and let his words shine forth.


Now that you mentioned it, there were a couple more differences between
the fight in Fallujah and the fight in Saigon...

In Fallujah, our ground guys were usually engaged by single terrs or groups of five or six. In Saigon, our ground guys were usually engaged by squad-to-platoon sized groups.

In Fallujah, our ground guys had k-pots that'll stop an AK round and nylon armor with ballistic inserts to protect their bods. In Saigon, our ground guys had steel pots that would deflect BBs and rolled homogenous cotton to protect their bods.

In Fallujah, our ground guys were usually engaging the nasties at distances measured in tens of meters. In Saigon, our ground guys were usually engaging the nasties at distances measured in "other side of the wall."

In Fallujah, our ground guys were backed up with air-dropped precision weaponry accurate enough to routinely go through the bottom-left pane on a standard window and make the entire building go someplace else. In Saigon, our ground guys were backed up with air-dropped weaponry that would only be guaranteed to hit planet Earth--and no guarantee that it would always o "boom" when it did.

But the most compelling difference between the two is that after the fight was over in Saigon, our guys could get a friggin' beer!

Amen on the beer part, too. I also suspect we *wish* the insurgents were fighting more conventionally - easier to kill 'em in wholesale batches. Of course, they know that too. Most of the really stupid ones are dead.

Update: Welcome to my mini-lanche from Mike the Marine! (overcompensating, aincha, Mike?) Don't forget to look around at the other stuff!