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November 05, 2004

Let's take a little look around the world today...

First, CAPT H has been stuffing my mailbox. So, as a counterweight to MP Carolyn Parrish, who I noted yesterday, let's see what he has to offer...

First, there's his new line of playground equipment he's pushing.

Then, there's this relocation guide to Canada for liberals disheartened by the US election results (hint - Calgary is probably not a Good Idea).

Finally, there's this story of dedication and service. Truly a Canadian of Notable Dedication. After 52 years(!) of service, Canadian Ranger Peter Kuniliusie has decided to retire. Well, mostly, but not quite. I do like the rather cavalier approach Canada used to take to such things...

"He was recruited in the summer of 1949 when a ship showed up conducting TB testing. Peter and six other hunters were given .303 rifles and were told that they were now Rangers."

The enrolment forms weren't filled in for another three years.

Can you imagine Ottawa doing something like that now? Hee hee hee.


GEORGE Bush yesterday offered an olive branch to hostile European leaders — but was snubbed by the French President.

Heh. Gee, Monsieur Chirac was saying yesterday that those bridges needed to mending... guess not. He's got time to visit a brain-dead terrorist, but hasn't the time for PM Allawi of Iraq, a fellow trying to drag the Arabs into the late 20th Century (let's not rush things).

Ah well. No doubt Mr. Chirac takes comfort in today's anniversary of another French politico/military triumph... 1942 Madagascar: Vichy French surrender to the British at Fort Dauphin. (HT, Strategy Page)

In another interesting tidbit from history today... annoyed Catholics in Britain attempted something probably dreamed of by innumerable Kings and Prime Ministers - blowing up Parliament. Yep, today is the 399th anniversary of the Gunpowder Plot. Guy Fawkes Day! Fireworks all 'round!