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November 05, 2004

Stuck in my cocoon, I almost missed this...

Wow! Bush in, Daschle out, and then this... hell of a week!

Sgt Hook, one of whom's birds in Afghanistan is in the picture, has been selected (a surprise only to him) for promotion to Sergeant Major. I suspect further elevation to Command Sergeant Major is not long to follow.

And perhaps, just perhaps, the Hook will be the first Aviator to make Sergeant Major of the Army. In which case, Top, I wanna coin! But there went your early retirement plans!

For anyone who doesn't know, Sergeant Major is the top enlisted rank in the Army - not someone to be trifled with (like a First Sergeant is, eh?). A Command Sergeant Major is a Sergeant Major who has been further tabbed to be the senior Non-Commissioned Officer in units battalion sized (circa 500 soldiers and up) and higher. The Sergeant Major of the Army is the right arm of the Army Chief of Staff, and is the senior enlisted soldier, period.

This is good for the Army. Now if I could just finagle a 90-day recall to bump up the old retired pay...