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November 02, 2004

Some more Andersonville...

Andersonville is, appropriately, also the home of the National POW Museum.

Save the Holocaust museums I have visited, this is possibly the most depressing... especially the initial entryway (past the atrium, in the museum proper) showing the footage of POWs and the treatment they received at the hands of their captors - with voiceovers from actual POWs, telling their stories.

Not surprisingly, most of that, though certainly not all, is from Vietnam vets, with sprinklings from Korea and World War II.

When you vote today, if you are undecided yet, consider who gave aid and comfort to the North Vietnamese, and measureably made the lives of the POWs worse. I can forgive Jane Fonda quicker than I can John Kerry. He betrayed his brothers-in-arms, Jimmy Carter's likely rehab of Kerry's discharge notwithstanding. The government has forgiven John Kerry. We'll find out today whether or not the Nation has (or cares about 30 years ago). Even should he sit in the Oval Office, I will not forgive. Doesn't mean I won't continue to well and faithfully serve, as my oath demands - but I will not forgive.


Senator McCain may have chosen to forgive, that is his right.

I do not.