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October 29, 2004

Working at Fort Benning...

Even though this experiment is beset by all the demons normally associated with trying to integrate live, virtual, and constructive entities in a controlled experiment... where the boffins outnumber the troops probably close to 5-to-1, where retired Majors, Lieutenant Colonels, Colonels, and Sergeants Major like myself are a dime a dozen... and no one was paying attention to the start-up stuff because they came here directly from another event somewhere else... except the two or three guys who always prove to be the keys in an event like this and are abused mercilessly (punishing the innocent with more work)...

The Armorer

Had a Very



Yes, indeedy.

Because it involved being out in the woods with Soldiers.

Aside from family, it just don't get better than that.

But, by the end of a sweat-soaked day, I can relate to this troop:

I am privileged to move among 'em. And I hope that what we're doing here makes a difference down the road.

But it was a Good Day!