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October 28, 2004


This could be good news, but the WaTimes is probably going the only one to carry it.

This (top entry, Cliff May's Wed, 10:48 PM input, "November Surprise?") could be bad news, and you can bet the MSM will be all over it.

The first item is probably going to be a conundrum for Bush--Putin has come out with an "endorsement" of sorts and W is not one to point out the shortcomings of any leader, much less one that has said relatively nice things about him (sort of). Let's see how he plays it. Of course, the fact that it's been released is probably a good indicator that W has a solid tone and is about to call Fox 2.*

The second may be a last attempt by outside players, in this case the UN, to influence the election. Hell hath no fury like a corrupt bureaucracy scorned.

*solid tone=good lock; "Fox 2=IR missile shot, usually at close range with a time of flight of about 2 time for your opponent to do much but die all tensed up.

(HT: The Corner)