October 27, 2004

Busy day today, so I appreciate this!

Since I'm currently all about getting Good Stuff in the Hands of Troops, CAPT H, of Her Majesty's North American Ski Patrol, sends us this info about an expansion of the role of Military Working Dogs.

Granted, Ranger here does have a look like - "Lemme get this straight... ya want me to trot down that fire-swept street to deliver beer? Better be a damn good treat in it for me!"

Lastly, yesterday I talked about the CESS. I wasn't sure I had the acronym right... and I didn't. It's CETS. Cost Effective Targeting System - using the vehicle GPS, the system measures azimuth and slant angle to compute distance and can automatically generate and send targetable data in addition to the surveillance aspect I discussed yesterday. Here's a pic of one being worked on. There is a box that covers the sensor and containing some of the magical stuff that is missing from the gizmo.

For those of you who know what I'm talking about - contrast that to the G/VLD (Ground/Vehicle Laser Designator) mounted on the M981 FISTV. Granted, different missions and capabilities - but you understand what I'm getting to about the difference between 'good enough fast' vice 'Gosh Wow Wonderful!' two to five years from now.

Comments on Busy day today, so I appreciate this!
Heartless Libertarian briefed on October 29, 2004 08:23 AM

Looks like a neat and potentially very useful system. One thing I'd do, (besides painting it green/tan): put some sort of protective covering on it. Not bullet/shrapnel proof, just something to protect it when PVT Snuffie bangs his rifle/web gear/elbow on it, so it's not knocked off zero.

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