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October 25, 2004

Monday Morning Post...

No morning is complete without checking in with Wretchard. His reference to VDH is interesting...Hanson's namesake was a casualty of Okinawa and that loss was/is still deeply felt. In short, Hanson was unimpressed with how that battle was fought, and Belmont Club's compare and contrast gives one hope amidst all the defeatism that defines the MSM and modern-day Democrat Party's worldview.

Matt at Blackfive is having difficulty hiding his contempt for JFK's hunting technique. To be fair, the highest scoring ace in history's rule-of-thumb open fire range was 50 meters. That's a little closer than the gun/HUD firing solution indication for an F-15--2000 feet--and mirrors the Senator's technique. That said, Hartmann didn't need any help finding his "geese." Heh.
Then there's the LtCol Mark Smith's ode to a fallen hero. This kind of thing, to some, is worthy of nothing but contempt. And these people vote, early and often. (HT (again): to LILEKS)

I hope this guy gets hid Ph.D. But, mthinks if the guys giving him his orals foind about about this, he's toast (Ph.D.-wise). Personally, I think Bush is going to lose thanks to massive voter intimidation and ballot fraud. The Left has hijacked one of the two major political parties in this country and its classic Marxist-Leninist ends-justifying-the-means philosophy is mounting the most aggressive attack on the world's oldest and best republic since the Founding. Have too much hair? Buy this book--you'll tear most of it out while reading.

Hugh Hewitt watches NBC so we won't have to. Here's an excerpt...

Couric: The Bush campaign is planning to spend the final days of this election saying you are weak on terrorism. Dick Cheney has talked about the fact that you voted against the first Gulf War [and] Saddam Hussein would still be in power, the Soviet Union would still exist if it [laughter] were up to you. You voted against intelligence funding after the first World Trade Center attack in '93. You don't have the record to be commander in chief, and this weakness invites more terrorism.

Sen. Kerry: Now let me just look you and America in the eye and tell you this. Unlike Dick Cheney and George Bush, I put my life on the line for my country when it counted. I fought for this nation and I defended it as a young man, and I will defend America as president of the United States. I have supported the biggest military budgets in American history. I’ve supported the biggest intelligence budgets in American history. I'm not going to take a second seat to anybody about the passion that I bring to defending America.

Oh, please...

Finally, here's one of the best arguments I've heard to date on why our strategy against Islamofacism must concentrate on preemption and an unrelenting offense. (HT: Michelle Malkin)