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October 24, 2004

"Far across the Chattahoochee, to the Upatoi..."

Today the Armorer heads for Fort Benning, home of the Benning School for Wayward Boys and Girls, the Infantry School, and other ground-pounder related stuff. I'll be spending near a month there to do some analysis on equipment and doctrine, and capture how the troops really use the stuff, vice how the idea-guys thought they should use the stuff - and try to determine who has, or what mix is, the best approach.

You won't hear much about that, since that data is the client's to use, not mine to share. But I will be taking the camera with me, and will hopefully be able to get pictures of soldiers doing Cool Things. Or just being soldiers. It will be nice to be out in the open again, and away from constructive simulations. A nice break.

Dusty will hopefully be able to pick up some slack, since the other two guys I invited to guest blog (both active duty) declined, preferring to continue using me to channel their thoughts.

However, in times like this, you the reader can have a great impact - send me stuff! I'll have time to post, I just will have much less time to surf. So feel free to feed me stuff - like this gem that landed in the inbox this morning - Greg C in Minnesota sent me a picture of a very well preserved (especially for an outside display) german WWI 250mm Minenwerfer (trench mortar, literally, "mine-thrower"). Unusual to see these with their wheels and drag bars. There is definitely room at the Arsenal for this, should Two Harbors ever decide to rid themselves of it! Last night, some other cool stuff arrived, subject of a later post. Feel free to send along stuff you think the readership might find interesting!