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October 22, 2004

Hoist the Red Ensign!

The Flea's Militant Band of Canadians (with a token sinister lawyer) and their fellow-traveling Southrons are sitting at Myrick's place this week, quaffing brews and skewering self-important lefties, defending the Victoria-class subs and gabbing about all sorts of what-not, all the while being very polite about it all. Well, except for some of us rubes to the south...

In an unrelated note, you gastrognomes should run over to Inside Allan's Mind, Carnival of the Recipes #10 is up!

Update: If you missed the previous Carnivals, here's a link to them.

Briefly keeping to a food theme, remember the Pizza Crusader? The Dane that Roared? The guy who refused to sell pizza to German and French tourists in his shop? The one who went to jail for doing so? Got out of jail, went to work at another pizza joint - and got fired (properly, you don't get to use your politics this way as an employee) for still being a refusenik when it came to selling pizza to citizens of the Axis of Weasel? Well, he wants to sell pizza to you! Direct! Via the Internet. Tim Worstall can tell you all about it, and you can visit Aage Bjerre's website here, and, if your employer won't mind - visit his Cafe Press store here!

Last but not least, if you haven't already been there via the Instapundit link or at IMAO directly - Frank J has sold out, and is writing anti-Bush radio ads. Damn effective ones, too. I'm going down to the courthouse to try and get my ballot back! Damn Halliburton to hell, anyway!