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October 17, 2004

Weekend Reads...

...wherein I shamelessly pander to better bloggers than myself!

Erik, at ¡No Pasaran! points to the voice in Iraq the MSM ignores, Iraqis. I particularly like the scorn that Iraqi Pundit heaps upon La Dowd. He then channels Oscar Wilde, to twit some detractors, and, finally, a little note about sincerity...

If you want a glimpse of the Enemy, Jennifer has it for you. NOT for people who are easily knocked out of their Happy Groove for the day. If you'd rather keep it lite, she offers up General Franks on Kerry, and a joke you Legs won't appreciate.

This is a link for the Instapilot. He's got some history here. And probably a story or two to share.

Aaron is in fine form with Photoshop today. Someday I'm going to have to really learn how to use it.

Airborne Combat Engineer has discovered the mechanism for the October Surprise! Of course, in DEMSPEAK, if they aren't in power, then the government must suspend all operations worldwide during the months of September and October, or it's cheating. If they're in power, well, that's different.

AlphaPatriot has a round-up on the Watcher's Council submissions - a good little one-stop if you haven't chanced across the Duelfer Report yet. (Hint, the French are really, really, really bribable, and probably cheap, too).

Just in case you haven't caught it in comments around the Conservative side of the 'sphere... Slaglerock wants you to know "America's Most Highly Decorated Living Veteran Calls Kerry 'a Man of Benedict Arnold Qualities'" Just in case you missed it. 8^D

Jeff Quinton at Backcountry Conservative notes that Al Franken isn't popular - with his fellow-travelers.

Blackfive points to an article where the Canadians serving in Afghanistan found they were sleeping next to a huge arms dump. We've been there two years, people - and they find something like this. Who knows what else is in both Afghanistan and Iraq, waiting to be discovered?

While I don't think military service should be pre-requisite to citizenship (ala Starship Troopers) I do think this new group of citizens have a greater appreciation of what they have just gained than most native-borns do.

Over at Blaster's Blog, the Pittspilot is concerned about the political divide. While I share some of his concerns, he and Jack at Random Fate should probably go have a beer together!

Jay Tea at Wizbang finds some historical parallels that I agree with. Hopefully, the wartime re-election bit will come true, too.

Ahhhhh. Ironbear is back at Who Tends the Fires. If you're skimming, deciding which single link to read, this is it.

Well, they're certainly practiced at it, I suppose.

I changed my mind. Read this one, instead. From triticale, the wheat/rye guy, comes a link to DenBeste's analysis of poll trends. If this isn't tinfoil-hat stuff, it's disturbing. Not for the trends, but for the source of the 'noise'. Or it could just be nothing.

The Canadians at the Western Standard's Shotgun blog have a different take on the October Surprise. There's also a bit of bitterness regarding the funding and staffing of the Canadian military.

As ever with the Commissar, just start here and scroll down.

Citizen Smash comments on the draft. Amazing, the Dems know they're lying through their teeth, but they've decided it's got traction among the college kids, so off we go!

Accurate or not, real or no (too lazy to Snopes it, I'll let my fact-checkers have at it), comes this little morsel from Tom Paine at Silent Running - on the Peoples Democratic Socialist Republic of Berzerkely.

I've skipped the O'Reilly thing. For the record, I think O'Reilly was an ass - but I also think the woman involved was playing this for just this purpose. I think she could have shut it down. But that doesn't mean I don't mind seeing O'Reilly squirm. I'll entertain contrarian views on the subject. Pam has a good thread on the subject over at her place. Pam's also a little grumpy with how FEMA is handing out relief money.

e-Claire notes that Kerry is wrong. Terrorists aren't a nuisance. They're a fantasy, concocted by politicians to preserve and expand their power!

At Ghost of a Flea - Winston Review #15 is up! The Flea also likes Team America!

Gotta add this - a good, old-fashioned Army story at Mostly Cajun. Those of us who have broken track can relate.