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October 16, 2004

The apparently mutinous platoon.

I was going to blog this - but Dave, a company commander in this man's Army, has already said a lot of what I would have said - so I'll send you there.

What I will add is - this is going exactly as it should in that these soldiers refused what appears to be a lawful order. You do that, especially in a combat zone, you get arrested, an investigation ensues, charges are either brought or not brought - but you don't get to refuse orders for a combat mission and everything just goes on as if nothing happened. Soldiering doesn't work like that.

These troops will make their case, their bosses will make theirs, and the system will deal with it. And in this day and age, we'll all hear about it, one way or another.

And don't assume that if these troops get hammered, someone, or several someones, didn't also get hammered. Being such an out of touch leader (or petty tyrant) that your soldiers refuse mission orders in combat zones is not conducive to successful careers.

But like it or not - refusing an order is the more serious offense.

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