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October 09, 2004

Post-Second-Debate Morning Reads.

The Linker of Worlds (Allahpundit) has a round-up of debate responses that I'm not going to top, so I won't try. I'll just link it. Sounds to me like a Bush win. For the Record: The Armorer ain't watching any more debates. My Doc says they don't make blood pressure meds powerful enough that wouldn't also turn me into a puddle of goo. Having wandered around the blogosphere and roaming through the punditocracy it looks to me like Bush probably did a pretty good job overall, but he didn't score the points, nor do so in the fashion, that the pundits would have. Note to pundits: That might be why he's in the debate, and you're just watching it. Just sayin'.

AlphaPatriot notes something that happened in the Other End of the Quagmire. And these people are facing a lot more intimidation than that currently being possibly orchestrated by the AFL-CIO. Then there's this: The Euro ain't what it was promised to be.

Baldilocks is also election-blogging.

BlackFive has a post up with some Iraqi-American thoughts on Operation Iraqi Freedom.

Someday, Jeff at Beautiful Atrocities will pick on us, too. But it's a hoot who he picked on this time!

Brain Shavings notes that if you live in a war zone, you probably shouldn't play war...

Over at Ghost of A Flea, admiration for Tony Blair. I will say this - Blair has grown in the job more so than Bill Clinton ever grew in the job. Of course, a war does that to you. Just as it did Bush.

The Flea also points to a little snippet about Anglo-Saxon doctors...

The Armorer is a bad, bad, Armorer. I was so self-absorbed I forgot to point out the Red Ensign Standard #6 is up! Go read the musing of militant Canadians!

Michelle Malkin discusses the why's of the much ballyhooed flu vaccine shortage this year.

Say Uncle points out that the most anti-gun states are, oddly enough, the most lax in enforcement of their gun laws...

She Who Will Be Obeyed points out that the Carnival of the Recipes is up (Instalanche-fodder, go volunteer to host!)

Last, but not least: triticale makes a simple observation reference pre-emptive action.