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October 08, 2004

Morning Reads

Erik at ˇNo Pasaran! observes this about the Iraq Study Group report: If the Iraq Survey Group's report is embarrassing for the British and US governments, for those of Russia, France, and China, it is damning

Remember - these are the people who will be grading John Kerry's Global Test...

One Fine Jay, guesting at Backcountry Conservative observes the Democrats sitting on a sharp stone. I simply wonder if their heads will explode? Nah. Cognitive dissonance isn't a problem for the Democrats in Congress.

Blaster wonders if the CIA hasn't picked sides. If they have, it's every bit as dangerous as the Military openly staking a position in opposition to the civilian leadership.

Owen at Boots and Sabers has an impassioned plea! He also wonders where the "The Sanctions Were Working" crowd is now, regarding the ISG report.

The Coastie at Brain Shavings has some thoughts relevant to the place Good Legislation Goes to Die.

Captain Ed picks on Kerry. It's amazing, really. Kerry seems to truly believe that the officer corps is intimidated by the President and wants regime change.
Cloud Cuckoo Land there! Cap'n Ed also has some thoughts on the ISG.

Yeah, we're getting a lot of ISG-related stuff here, well, because, the MSM isn't covering it from this spin angle. So we've gotta.

I just love Joanie's stories. She's also the official ID-maker of the VRWC. As soon as SWWBO gets home and we can get a pic, we'll have our ID's too!

Now that Kerry's foreign policy gambit is in a shambles, Dean wonders if the Bushies will be able to parlay that into the political capital it should be. Dean also takes a stab at debunking a canard.

Mamamontezz has thought peeves and curiosities eating at her as we lead up to the debate tonight.

Poets are welcome at Mudville.

Sigh. Someday We'll be big bloggers too...

Susie has a pet Moonbat! We've driven all ours away. We do have a lefty lawyer who pops in from time to time, but he's potty-trained, so it's okay.

Jack has a simple drinking game for tonight's debate. I'm not sure I have the capacity, I'd probably be flat on the floor in 20 minutes. Jack's also a little frustrated with those of us who've made up our minds already and aren't interested in further examining every nuance - wait - Jack doesn't mind *us* - it's the ones who insist on only examining every nuance of the enemy, and laments the lack of civility in the blogoverse. It's a big place, Jack - and you don't have to visit every planet in it!

Say Uncle found a good article on the Assault Weapons Ban. It's okay, for MSM reporting. The guy got around his (obvious to me) prejudices to try and get to the facts, ma'am.

SWWBO proudly puts our new car at risk. Of course, we live in a Red neighborhood, in a Red City, in a Red County, in a Red state, so it's not quite the risk others are taking. It's an Aztek, in case you are wondering.

Wind Rider, at Silent Running, points out some Cold Warriors who paid the ultimate price for our vigilance, and two who survived and can now be openly acknowledged. Ladies and Gentlemen, I say to you

The Dead: Major Eugene Posa Major Willard Palm Captain Oscar Goforth Captain Dean Phillips

The Survivors:
Captain John McKone
Captain Bruce Olmstead

Now is the time at Castle Argghhh! when we dance: In Memoriam.

And with that, I'll sign off.

Comments on Morning Reads
Jack briefed on October 8, 2004 09:59 AM

Holy cow, John, you and Beth bought one of those ugly, ugly, ugly Azteks???? Even a VW Thing is more attractive than an Aztek! I'm speechless...

(Treasure the moment while I'm speechless, it ain't often it happens)

Da Goddess briefed on October 8, 2004 11:26 AM

You know, I was tempted to ask the guy if he was focusing energy for the upcoming debate, but somehow....I don't know, I was afraid he might have said yes.