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October 07, 2004

Morning Reads

Jay Tea over at Wizbang nicely encapsulates what it is about Islamism and Shari'a as Islamists see it, that famously moved Christopher Hitchens to observe in re Afghanistan and the Taliban, "The United States of America has just succeeded in bombing a country back out of the Stone Age."

If you have broadband access, go to Who Tends the Fires and check out the proof of ghosts that Eric, The Mad Monk, found.

As someone who pretty much dismissed the importance of the VP debates, triticale reminds me of why I'm wrong. And since I've made the same arguments elsewhere about Presidents, I should have thought of this myself, instead of getting a grassy cluebat upside the head.

Damian Penny of Daimnation! and The Western Standard Shotgun blog, mourns the death of a Canadian submariner, and laments the parlous state of Canada's Armed Forces that put them in the position of buying used British subs. While you're there, scan this little gem from Rob Huck (also at BumfOnline) on the Good That Men Do.

Update: CAPT H sends along this expansion of the submarine story.

Oh, and has anyone noticed that there's no draft? You know, the Dems have been all over the place at college campuses scaring the students with thoughts of spending Christmas in Baghdad if the Republicans win in November? The Commissar notes that the only bill in Congress to reinstate the draft - sponsored exclusively by Democrats, was decisively squashed by the Republicans. No doubt because it wasn't harsh enough and didn't involve indentured servitude. The Democrats called it a cynical political ploy. Of course, their introducing the bill last year "as a protest of the war" was simply principled opposition. Can we have the election tomorrow?

Greyhawk spanks the same subject - just harder! Could be that, being deployed, he'd rather work with volunteers than draftees. Just sayin'.

Bigwig, over at Silfray Hraka, has an observation on the Euros - made by Eisenhower. Some things seemingly never change.

Murray, at Silent Running, suggests our enemies really don't understand the Anglosphere warrior... perhaps because our leaders kept us leashed for so long.
Xin loi, Islamofacist.

Banagor shakes his head at Things Liberals Don't Understand.

As an aside, She Who Will Be Obeyed is soliciting recipes for this week's Carnival of the Recipes. If you are a blogger looking for a traffic boost - I suggest offering to host the Carnival. "La Reynolds" has blessed each of the previous Carnivals with Instalanches. Just sayin'

Bill Whittle has been quiet of late. But he's back:

Now I dont mean stupid in a bad way. I fully credit John Kerry with the intelligence needed to analyze, dissect, and evaluate a position and without mechanical aid quickly and accurately use advanced trigonomic functions to determine the most popular position on a wide range of complex issues a feat that requires a very quick mind indeed.

So its not dumb stupid, those statements he made in the first debate. Its more of an entirely understandable, eminently defensible, very common fossilized kind of stupid that we saw from the Senator. It was the stupid of a man claiming to have new ideas and new plans based on shared assumptions and models that no longer apply to reality.

President Bush seemed stupid in comparison because he seems to only know three things in all the world and it is our great good fortune that he is right about all three.

Go read the rest here.

Say Uncle has a link (and several other good bits, too) to a college paper that challenges the core tenets of HCI, the Million Moms, and other gun-grabbing nanny-statists.

This is just me being a blog-slut.

Michelle Malkin is exasperated with the AP. Not me. I'm impressed with the time travel machine they have.

Th-th-th-that's all folks! Have a day!

Comments on Morning Reads
Jack briefed on October 7, 2004 08:54 AM

John, FYI: your link to the Eisenhower statement on the Europeans actually links to the Commissar at The Politburo Diktat.

Not "fact-checking", I was interested in what Eisenhower said!

John of Argghhh! briefed on October 7, 2004 09:20 AM

All better now - though I'm sure Stephen will wonder what's up when he checks his trackbacks!

Sorry, Commissar!