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October 03, 2004

Follow-up on the Ugly Plane Contest.

The Commissar linked in to that post with a Show Trial - and manages to get in a plug for his other website while nominating the Curtiss SBC2 Helldiver, aka, Son-of-a-BitCh, 2nd Class.

illbill suggested the SLUFF (Short Little Ugly Fat Fella (well, not fella, but we try to be PG13 at the Castle)), also known as the Corsair II, which, oddly enough, was the plane the Armorer would have wanted to fly, along with the A-10, were the Armorer not blind from a flight standards aspect.

Tregonsee correctly identified the CA-20 (the muli-wing monstrosity) and it's eventual fate as firewood.

Cowboy Blob, with his own challenge (which I got right, btw - but it's still up so go play yourself) correctly id'd the Gannet (the first two pics) and nominated the RAF Nimrod, as well, if only because he doesn't like the sound of the name.

WolfWalker offered up an odd bird:

Oh, and we mustn't leave this one out: Tacit Blue, known to its pilots as "the Whale" but personally I think it looks more like a loaf of bread with wings.

Mythilt quibbles with that suggestion, and offered his own thoughts.

Nah, can't really count Tacit Blue, it was never anything more than a proof of concept vehicle really.

Me, Lets see....
The Fisher P-75A was pretty ugly.

But the ugliest of all...
The XF-85 Goblin. Short, stubby and butt Fugly.

Roger offered this:

Woohoo! Ugly airplanes - I love 'em. First, for the ones posted. The flying barrel thing (hard to even call it an airplane) is the Stipa-Caproni. It's a ducted fan, so that barrel-shaped fuselage is hollow and open at both ends. The two-fer is the Fairey Gannet. I recognize the triple-triple-decker flying houseboat, but don't remember what it was called. Now for my nominations. It's hard to beat the French bombers of the '20s and '30s. [N.B. -open the following links in a new window - they don't like to let you go once you're there!] Pretty much any Farman design from this era, but I call your attention to the F.121, F.222, and F.223.

Then there was the LeO 208 or the Amiot 143
(), and let's finish up with the Potez 540.

I think, of those, my vote would go to the Amiot 143.

For some reason, the Kilabe thinks that a Skyhawk is ugly. I disagree, but then, I'm ugly, so what do I know?

Geoffrey of Dogsnot offered up the Me163B Komet, known to it's crews as the Flea.

Along with correctly id'ing all three (and being the first to do so) Rittmeister Heinrichs offered two others he called Wallflowers - I suspect he's trying to elbow the Instapilot in the ribs with at least one...

1. First Italian jet : CC-2.[N.B. with this, as well]. 2. A-10 'Bunny' Or, perhaps he's after Dame Drabble.

Lastly, MunDane offered up the Brewster Buffalo as an ugly bird.

Thanks for all who participated! Sadly, there are more airplane geeks than tank geeks visiting the Castle...

And whodathunk - the Stipa-Caproni still exits!

Weelll, if you go to the link - a replica exists.