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October 03, 2004

Congratulations to CAPT H!

The most seriously geeky respondent to the picture of the Lloyd Carrier was:

Herr Rittmeister Heinrichs, Űber-Tanker! (he suggested the titles)

"Űber-Tanker" wrote:

1. Generic? It's a tracked Anti-tank gun. At the Brussels War Museum.
2. The placard identifies it as a "Loyd/90mm C.A.T.I." The chassis is
that of the Loyd Carrier (not previously discussed, see below). The
Carrier's glacis was sloped for better protection and now mounts the
gunshield of the 90mm MECAR AT/light field gun. The gun itself appears to be mounted between the driver (on the left) and the Crew Commander/Gunner and here.

3. a. Here's, and a better quality version.
b. and here after refurbishment for a parade.
c. the gun mount.
d. overall rear view.
e. MECAR 90mm Ammo info.
f. MECAR SA now produces ammo only.
g. Loyd carrier here.

While John may have 'won' the race, so to speak, there were several other searchers, including people who guessed wrong initially, but went seeking and came back with right answers (see why I shut off the comments - I don't know about you, but *I* had more fun this way!)

Sanger, in addition to figuring it out, found some pictures others didn't send in.

Just about everybody who tried found the "Maple Leaf Up" stuff.

Sean had a correct answer and found the same picture store (I think) that
CAPT H. did.

Andy also came in with some of the stuff that others did - but deserves a mention because he came in with good complete answers and not the usual stuff.

Monteith plumped in with some new terminology for me:

Ok, it's a Lloyd Carrier (Pumpkin on the front, not the rear). The Belgians often did things like this. I don't think its a standard British conversion. Looks to be a 57mm or 75mm gun on there. I'll have to dig through my books later.

He's apparently still leafing through his books, since I haven't heard from him since - but I won't get pissy since he's invited me to drive or ride one of his vehicles in the Atlanta Veteran's Day Parade. Want to get easy treatment from the Armorer, offer bribes like that!

And Chris, along with Monteith and CAPT H, the so far unmatched armor geeks at the Castle, also weighed in with a correct answer.

Thanks also to Jack, of Random Fate, who took the picture, and has posted some more of his work at his own site!

Thanks guys - I don't know if you had fun, but I did, and I hope I can find something else to be something of a challenge in the future. Feel free to drop suggestions if you come across photos of odd vehicles, airplanes or weapons - we can always gin up another Internet Scavenger Hunt.

Who knows, if I ever finally get motivated enough to the Cafe Press thing, there might even be a prize someday other than just bragging rights!