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October 02, 2004

It's a Saturday, I'm going to the RenFest, so here's something to keep you busy...

We've had a pretty good response to the Ugly Airplane post (more on that later today or tomorrow) so here's another challenge for you.

What's this? Jack of Random Fate took this picture in the Belgian military museum in Brussels during a recent trip. Three levels of Geekdom can be displayed here.

One, generic identity.
Two, specific identity (i.e., correct nomenclature - and not just of the base model)
Three. Find another picture of this type vehicle on the net. This model - again, not the generic base vehicle. That would be too easy.

I think you'll get One pretty easily. Several of you, I'm sure, already know it off the top of your heads, like Monteith, CAPT H, Chris. But I want the specifics.

No comments on this one - drop me an email. I'll give out the answers tomorrow.