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October 01, 2004

Something not politics...

Seems there are some aircraft buffs amongst us. We heard about some favorites, let's go the other way - what are the ugliest?

If you don't know airplanes, you can still play - surf the 'net. Find pictures of ugly planes. Make a nomination.

I'll offer up three, just to get you started. I know their names, but I'll leave 'em blank and let anyone who wants to compete for bragging rights to name 'em. One will be pretty easy, the other two may present more of a challenge.

This is the easy one.

Another view (of a variant)

A hi-res here, if you want it.

These will probably be tougher, except for geeks - though it won't be horribly hard to find 'em on the web.

Run with it!

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