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September 30, 2004

Once again, Islam's 'Holy Warriors' slay the infidel.

The heroic face of Militant Islam.

BAGHDAD (Reuters) - Insurgents detonated three car bombs near a U.S. military convoy in Baghdad Thursday, killing 41 people, 34 of them children, and wounding scores.

More dangerous to their own than to their enemies...

Ten U.S. soldiers were wounded in the attack, two of them seriously, the military said. Iraq's Health ministry confirmed 41 dead and 139 wounded, the vast majority children.
Instability is steadily mounting just weeks before the U.S. presidential election in November and four months before Iraq is due to hold its own nationwide polls. Attacks on American troops have risen to around 80 a day from 40 a month ago.

Of course it is. The insurgent nightmare is that Kerry loses. They hope to do a Spain. Somehow, I wonder if killing Iraqi children is the way to do that. It just pisses me off.