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September 29, 2004

OK, So We Can't Have a Large Fixed-Wing Force...

Still smarting from the 1947 Key West Agreement with the Air Force on who flys what, the Army today demo'd its latest foray outside what has been a predominantly rotary-wing force...

Shrewdly borrowing from the Carter Administration's follow-on air superiority fighter research and prototyping program, the Army's Vice Chief of Staff (an experienced aviator in his own right) could hardly contain his enthusiasm, citing the platform's impressive turning performance and short-field takeoff and landing capabilities.

"We've got the zoomies, er, our Air Force colleagues, looking with unabashed admiration on our innovative approach to today's national defense challenges" the General said. "Right now, we're looking at putting Hellfires on the thing...but are still working on the platform's post-launch fire suppression issues--we don't want another "Hindenberg Effect" to put the kabosh on what we feel in a very promising system."

(Hat Tip to JJM at The Corner)