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September 27, 2004

Food for thought.

George McClellan, 1864. John Kerry, 2004.

Now imagine if, having defeated Hitler, we were subject to knowing assertions that while Hitler was bad, deserving of a special place in hell in fact, that his dictatorship was no threat to America and preferable to the chaos of post-war Europe. If Nazi holdouts and a strengthened Soviet hand and unfinished business with Japan all made front page news with the word "quagmire" in the headline. If weedling, weak-kneed excuse were offered of voting for the Marshall Plan before voting against it.

1864. 1944. Welcome to the bizarro world of 2004. In this thing Karl Marx was right: History repeats itself, first as tragedy and then as farce.

Since the crisp September morning of America's second Antietam some who hold true to the strength of the West have remembered the shame of Chamberlain. Let us not forget the shame of McClellan, another name that lives in infamy.

The Ghost of a Flea has more. I do so love it when people use a little history to good effect. I just wish more 'Muricans could do so!

After you peruse that, go visit the Carnival of the Liberated, at Dean's World! Iraqi voices, that John Kerry never lifted a finger to help find a voice.