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September 26, 2004

A banker after my own heart...

My undergrad degree is in geography. The Commissar does a little basic geographic analysis.

Well well well. It appears the Prime Minister of Iraq just might know what he's talking about. Not that the MSM would acknowledge it.

Kerry didn't show up for Allawi's visit to Washington -- he was in Ohio again, which is evidently becoming the proverbial Vietnam-type quagmire for him. Nonetheless, barely had the prime minister finished than the absentee senator did a daytime version of his midnight ramble and barged his way onto the air to insist that he knew better than Iraq's head of government what was going on in the country. One question from his accompanying press corps was especially choice:

''Prime Minister Allawi told Congress today that democracy was taking hold in Iraq and that the terrorists there were on the defensive. Is he living in the same fantasyland as the president?''

Update: As Teri points out in her comment - I didn't read it right. The Commissar credited it, but I just blew on by that... CrudeNXS, The Commissar's emailer - did the analysis.

The Armorer regrets the error!