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September 16, 2004

Something old, something new.

First off, something old (not the troops, but the gun, the location, and the music). I have served in all three positions, though.

Maryland National Guardsmen of the 110th Field Artillery, 29th Infantry Division, provide a cannon fire accompaniment for the U.S. Army Field Band’s performance of Tchaikovsky’s“1812 Overture,” at Baltimore’s Defender’s Day Celebration in Fort McHenry. Photo by Leah Rubalcaba.

Something new. Testing of the proposed replacement for the Paladin, since Crusader was slain by Rumsfeld and Co. The NLOS Cannon. (Non-Line Of Sight) The silly name comes from the not-silly decision made when designing the next iteration of the Army to deliberately change the terminology - to help keep the designers out of old thinking ruts. It's silly-sounding now, but will morph into something else by the time it gets fielded. Just as the unit terms, like Unit of Action and Unit of Employment are changing as units actually start converting. Doing the analysis of these systems and structures is what I do for a living now.

Obviously, we've stuck the M777 ULFH (Ultra Light Field Howitzer, a brit-designed gun) on a light tracked chassis.